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Indiana County, PennsylvaniaDepartment of Human Services
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Last Updated On: 01/26/2015
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The CARE Center of Indiana County

CARE-Child Advocacy and Relationship Enhancing

Organizational Information

Vision, Mission and/or Purpose of Organization

The CARE Center of Indiana County is a non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children and their families through multidisciplinary efforts that support the identification, prevention, and intervention of child abuse and neglect. They promote healthy families through Family Preservation Services, Nurturing Parent Groups, Supervised Visitation and Community Outreach and Education. They provide a safe and child friendly environment for children who may have been sexually abused to tell their story in order to promote their healing by ending the abuse and by helping to stop the perpetrator from abusing other children.

Accreditations and Licenses

National Children's Alliance Accredited Member

Legal Structure

Non-profit corporation

Contact Information

Key Leader(s)

Jessica Clark -  Director

Contact Person(s)

Jessica Clark - Director

Contact Number(s)

724-463-8598 - FAX


Contact Email(s) - general

Web Addresses

Primary Address

The CARE Center of Indiana County
125 North 5th Street
Indiana, PA, 15701

Service Information

Service Area

Indiana County (other counties as contracted)

Service Description

Mutual Support Groups- are provided throughout the county to the general parenting populations, and to specialized groups of parents facing similar parenting issues.

Supervised Visitation- court ordered, custody induced visitation between non-custodial parents and children are held at the Center offices or other community location, under the supervision of a parent educator; provides opportunity for safe child access in vulnerable custody situations.

Community Education- workshops, seminars, training, and other services to educate the public on issues of parenting, child abuse and neglect, prevention measures, and a wide range of other topics. Staff will speak to PTA groups, university classes, civic organizations, church groups, adolescent groups, elementary school classes, and other interested organizations.

Nurturing Program- using a parent education curriculum, classes are structured, build upon previous topics, and culminate in a closing activity after 8-12 weeks. Topics include discipline, nurturing, appropriate child expectations, and other such topics. Classes are two hours in length, with the final 30 minutes devoted to mutual support.

Family Preservation Services- a home visitation program which assists parents in the development of skills needed to ensure safe and healthy care of their children; designed to be a "hands-on" training method, with one-to-one affirming support for "at risk" families.

Child Advocacy Program- ** Collaboration with community agencies/services-The Alice Paul House helps the young abuse victims prepare for court. They take the child to visit the courtroom to see what it's like, and will coach them how to speak loudly. The IRMC will provide the medical analysis needed for many child abuse cases. ** Interviews alleged victimized children in a comfortable environment. The child provides a statement and answers questions prosed by a trained forensic interviewer. The child is interviewed behind a one-way mirror that is utilized for observing the alleged child abuse victim. Representatives on the other side of the mirror may include: representatives of the District Attorney's Office, law enforcement and Children and Youth Services. The non-offender family members who have accompanied the child meet with family advocates and representatives from the Alice Paul Houe, a local agency which assists victims of domestic violence. This process is intended to make the interviewing process easier on the victimized child as he or she will be telling their story one time, to one person.


child abuse, neglect, support, parenting classes, parenting education, domestic violence, victim, at-risk families, parenting

Available Hours

General Business hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm; Monday through Friday; Services by appointment

Fees/Cost for Services

No fees for families referred through Children and Youth Services. All court ordered supervised visits are subject to fees for service.

Eligibility Requirements

All Indiana County residents are eligible for services

How to Access Services or Schedule Appointments

Call for an appointment