I n d i a n a     C o u n t y     D e p a r t m e n t     o f     H u m a n     S e r v i c e s    
    I n d i a n a     C o u n t y     D e p a r t m e n t     o f     H u m a n     S e r v i c e s    
New: Health & Human Services Helpline in Indiana County! Dial 2-1-1 or go to www.pa211sw.org!
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  About the Department of Human Services
 Not sure where to turn for help?  The Department of Human Services' Information and Referral Specialist may be able to help!  The Specialist has access to local, state, and national resources and can provide the necessary information by telephone, email, or office visit.  Other important information about our office:



300 Indian Springs Road, Suite 203
Indiana, PA  15701










The Indiana County Department of Human Services is an office within county government.  The Department administers human service funds for the county, provides and directs activities focused toward improving the coordination and collaboration of planning, managing, and delivering human services, assesses residents' human services needs in order to provide services, and provides volunteer, information, early care and education, and transportation services.

The Department manages, on behalf of the County, the following program funds: Human Services Development Fund, and the Homeless Assistance Programs (Bridge Housing, Emergency Shelter, Homeless Case Management, and Rental Assistance).  

The Department directly provides the Medical Assistance Transportation Program, Volunteer Center services, and Information and Referral.

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About the Department of Human Services
www.indianacountyhhss.org for health and human services emergency preparedness information!
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Indiana County Department of Human Services - 300 Indian Springs Road, Suite 203, Indiana, PA 15701
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